The Investment Multiplier

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Five advantages of investing through systematic investment plans

Everybody wants a reward but not risks that come while working towards it. This is human nature. This is also the main reason for the popularity of systematic investment plans, or SIPs, which give investors the option of gaining from market while reducing the risk of volatility that is inherent in all financial markets. SIPs or the good EMI, as they are called by many, help investors avoid the risk of bad market timing, ensure disciplined investing, average out costs, and help investors gain from the power of compounding.

Top 6 Best ELSS Tax saving Mutual Funds to invest in 2016

ELSS or Equity Linked Savings Scheme of Mutual Funds are one of the best tax saving cum long-term wealth creation investment tools. The investments made in ELSS schemes are eligible for income tax deduction under Section 80c.

Best & Top Rated Monthly Income Plans (MF – MIPs)

Are you looking for that investment which can offer higher return than your Fixed Deposits? Are you searching for a better investment avenue to invest lump sum money for your short-term financial goals?

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