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How to achieve short term goals using mutual funds?

Planning for short term goals is a bit different from long term goals. While investing for longer term you are looking for capital appreciation and ready to take risk with your capital, the short term objective is more for safety over growth. Ensuring liquidity of your investment at the right time also matters when it comes to investing for short term goal.

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Dynamic Mutual Funds Vs Balanced Mutual Funds

A discussion on the differences between dynamic mutual funds and balanced mutual funds. Exploring this topic is a nice way to understand some portfolio management basics. Thanks to Arun for asking this question when I suggested that dynamic equity funds are not for those who wish to chase returns. First, we need to define some

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A mutual fund portfolio for your monthly SIPs

Many individuals are keen to invest in equity mutual funds via Systematic Investment Plans (SIPs). However, most of them don’t proceed any further because they don’t know which schemes to pick up for investing. In fact, choosing the right scheme or a combination of schemes is a herculean task, even for seasoned mutual fund investors. However, ET MF is here to help you with that.

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5 Things You Should Know About Risk and Your Investments

We invest so that our money earns more money – I think NO. We invest so that we can achieve our goals – now you decide the investments which can help you in achieving your goals.  But of course there is some trade-off between risk and investment returns – mostly higher risks are associated with higher returns or vice versa.

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10 Rules to select good Shares/Stocks for Value Investing

Having opened a Demat account after listening to countless stories of making huge profits in the stock markets, you feel ready to make inroads into the world of stock markets, scrips and profits. Bulls, bears, pig and chickens are terms that you hear every time you log onto a business channel. Wondering if you want to go long or short or use options to hedge your positions? Welcome to the murky waters that are known to drown most persons ready to brave the labyrinth of the stock markets called Dalal Street.

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