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Indian Equities – Past, Present & Future

You must be thinking does this article still make any sense. From last five equity markets have not made any progress, investors have lost money & hence the faith. On the contrary, I think this is the best time to introduce this article to try to regain the lost faith for equities in you. I am planning to write series of article on EQUITY – hope those will be helpful.
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Health Insurance Regulations 2016 – 5 changes you must know

There are two types of health insurance policies. One is Indemnity Plans and another is Defined-Benefit Plans. Indemnity Plans means the insured will indemnify against hospitalization expenses up to the pre-defined limit i.e. reimburse the actual expense incurred during hospitalization up to the sum insured available in the policy. For example, let us you admitted to hospital. The bill amount is Rs.1,00,000 and the sum insured under the policy is Rs.5,00,000 with co-payment clause as 20%. In this case, you have to pay Rs. 20,000 and rest will be payable by the insurance company.

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How to Invest Direct in Mutual Funds?

I have always stated that mutual funds (MF) are one of the best wealth creation products for the masses. These are one of the lowest cost products, well-regulated and give you the benefit of diversification.

The good news for investors is from January 1, 2013 on-wards mutual funds on directive of SEBI have launched ‘Direct’ version of all existing mutual fund schemes.

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Systematic Transfer Plan, STP in a mutual fund- Is it worth it?

You have just received a big amount as your annual bonus. While the first temptation was to splurge it all, good sense prevails and you decide to invest 80% of it in equity mutual funds.

But you are not sure how to do it? Should it be one shot lump sum or in parts?

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Should a retired person invest in mutual funds?

Mutual funds are recommended for people across age groups. However, the most important factors to consider while choosing suitable investment options are your financial goals and how far in time are they. We can provide you a broad framework to choose the right options.

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