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A Quick Guide to Investment Options

For many of you, the trouble begins with the availability of a wide range of options. Suppose you have Rs 10 lakh lying in your bank account, you would get at least 15-20 investment avenues to channelize your savings.

As it’s difficult for many couples to gather information, analyse options available and select a few avenues to invest money, they become reluctant about investing. This is a big mistake one should avoid.

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Should you invest in Sovereign gold bonds or gold ETFs?

Sunita is a working woman nearing 50, who wants to set aside some gold for her daughter’s wedding. Her banker friend has told her about sovereign gold bonds and gold ETFs as substitutes for physical gold. While the gold ETFs have been around, the bonds are fairly new in the market. They are issued by the Government of India in tranches and in various denominations.

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How to build an investment portfolio

Portfolio Management could be informally bifurcated into parts, one is managing a multi-asset class portfolio and the other is managing a portfolio within a single asset class for example equity.

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Arbitrage Funds – Behind the Returns

Arbitrage funds pre-tax returns historically has been very close to liquid funds. Hence, till date, I have only used debt funds for all my short-term requirements (less than 5 years). But in recent times, arbitrage funds have been gaining popularity for addressing short-term needs between 1 to 3 years, as they are taxed like an equity fund and hence have zero tax after one year.

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Don’t shun equity: A monthly investment of Rs 5,000 could make you a crorepati 

Thirty-years ago, had you invested Rs 1 lakh in UTI Master share, it would have grown to Rs 71.8 lakh. During the last 30 years of its existence, India’s first net asset value (NAV)-driven mutual fund has generated returns at a fabulous compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 15.31%. Also, it is not the only equity scheme to have delivered superlative returns. And yet, retail investors continue to shy away from investing in the stock market. The share of domestic retail investors in Indian equities.

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