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Start an SIP this Diwali

India is a diverse country with a lot of festivities. Diwali being so auspicious and India’s favorite festival, we all celebrate it in a grand scale. In this auspicious festival this year along with the celebrations, take a step towards growing financially.

In today’s world, ‘Save today and be rich tomorrow’ has changed to ‘SIP today and be rich tomorrow.’

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When should you sell your mutual funds? 

Is there a right time to sell one’s mutual fund investments? Can’t one sell them when one has made enough money? Or when one is looking to cut losses in a market meltdown? According to investment experts, sell-decisions based purely on profit and loss could backfire.

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Senior Citizen and How to invest Retirement money?

Before or on retirement the question that one has is how to use the retirement kitty?  You are or will be retired and are looking forward to living a relaxed life. Collecting your pension and provident fund money is work half-done. You have to plan meticulously to not only make your money yield returns that are higher than inflation but also minimize the amount you have to pay as tax. To ensure a regular stream of income, you need to deploy your retirement corpus in the right products.  We look at the various investment options suited for retirement savings.

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5 Asset Classes Explained – A simple guide for beginner Investors

Today I am going to teach you about “asset classes”, which is the most primary lesson every investor should go through. Understanding asset classes is very important for an investor because when you invest your money in any financial product, then in the background, it goes to a certain asset class only.

The world of personal finance has hundreds of financial products, which makes everything confusing for an investor, but if you understand which asset class it belongs to, then this whole world of personal finance will sound easy to you.

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Investing – Insights from an equity investor

To be an equity investor is difficult. For some, it can be downright scary. The fact remains that more people lose money in equity investing than make in it. Why is that so?

You see equity investing is a science. There is a whole lot of financial analysis and valuation methodologies that enable an investor to make decisions. Interestingly, it is an art too as it is subject to ‘views’ of individuals. The simplest example of it being an art is that one company can be valued very differently by two individuals.

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