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Deduction under Section 80C – A complete list

Section 80C is one of the great tax saving tools for all of us. In my last post, I explained all options available for tax saving. But in this post, I will concentrate only on the deduction under Section 80C. History of Section 80C Section 80C replaced the old Sec.88 and came into effect from 1st […]

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6 reasons why NPS is the best Government-backed retirement instrument

If there’s one place where low costs, equity exposure, tax saving and retirement orientation come together, it’s the NPS. Grab it while you’re young

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Should equities be a part of every investor’s portfolio?

Starting to invest early for your goals is critical, as any delay in investing can negatively impact your cash flows in a big way

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Are Debt Funds getting riskier ?

Investors in equity mutual funds are used to being told that these schemes are risky in nature and long-term investment is the best way to mitigate this and earn reasonable returns. In stark contrast, debt fund investors are more or less assured of their returns. And, since these returns, though higher than from fixed deposits, are not spectacular, most feel they aren’t putting money in risky instruments.

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Why invest in equity and equity mutual funds?

Building wealth through equity requires tremendous patience and discipline. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day! One might come across various rags to riches stories in the stock market and stocks giving multi-bagger returns over a period of time. Normally, we tend to get carried away by looking at historical returns and make the decision to invest in the stock. Investing in a single share or pool of few shares can be very risky as it is very difficult to identify the next big success story.

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